Technology & Development

Getting YOU there from HERE

Software/Firmware Development

Hardware Mechanical & PCB Design

Logistics Product Handling & Distribution

Packaging Design & Manufacturing

Firmware-  Software- Applications- Cloud

We have over 400 engineers that specialize in IOS, Android, Windows and Linux operating systems. IOT is a hot buzzword in the industry but in reality IOT is N.O.T. without the firmware for mobile and embedded applications to run it along with the cloud services to support the SaaS revenue business model to make it all happen on the backend. AWS, Azure, & Google are all in our solution matrix. If you are not sure how it all fits together, let’s jump on a a quick call to walk through it.

Mechanical Design- Printed Circuits- Tool Design

We can work with your team starting from Evaluation boards and get you to fully functional prototype PCBs and enclosures with our seasoned printed circuit layout team and electrical & electronic engineers. Our designers with 3D printing capability along with our MECH/TOOL designers get you to soft tool and hard tool (T1) decisions  in a “One and Done” to production process. DB TECH do not do the “Minimum Viable Product”. We do Best Viable Product to enable you to secure the funding you may need to complete the project. 

Manufacturing- Packaging- Product Distribution- Logistics

Pre & Pilot production runs ensure your product is manufacturable at scale. We provide manufacturing test jig development. Quality inspection systems implementation.  Our manufacturing management team have worked with industry giants like Foxconn as well as small to medium factories such as Ether Digital that are much more flexible and cost effective for lower volume products. Our Team can also help get your product to market whether your channel is Amazon, Walmart, from your own website, or you are hawking it from the bed of your pickup truck.

About Misha

Misha Trading & Consulting was born in 2006 from a simple Idea to help friends and colleagues develop their new product dreams and make it reality. In the process we have acquired many friends with many talents. Misha grew into a world-wide organization focused on Design, Development, and Distribution of new and compelling products.

Eventually Misha grew and expanded into other businesses such as DB TECH, DB-Technology, DB Crypto and grew our collaborations and partnerships with great companies such as Agility IO, GPA Global Packaging, Foxconn, TCL, ASUS, Sapphire, Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm to name a few. Just to think… all of this from a little fishing lure. Here is Misha at Starbucks in Shanghai when we first moved to China back in 2004. In 2023 we are now headquartered in the beautiful City of Austin, Texas. Although Misha has since retired and is now chasing cats in the great beyond.

How We Work

When you engage with us, you engage with the team. Our 1 hour (or so) first Consultation is absolutely free. Send an email to and summarize what your project is about, what challenges you are facing, and what you think you need to get over the hump. From there we will schedule our call and pull in the most experienced resources that best match with your project requirements. We will tell you everything on the call that we believe you may need and will work best for your situation, albeit as time permits. Sometimes that is all it takes for an energetic optimistic entrepreneur to go off and make something incredible. What also tends to happen is that we find some synergy between us and work out the best way to align our experienced team members with your innovative go getters to go make something wonderful.


What’s the Cost?

Open Kimono Pricing? Sure, why not?… Once we engage we charge a flat rate monthly fee. This covers the team while we determine exactly what is needed for your project.The engagement fee is $7,500 per month and covers all of the experts that are advising your team. There IS a limit in terms of total hours per month for the engagement, but you are typically getting 3-5 content area experts for 40-80 hours per month each for the first month or so that allows us to deliver a detailed proposal that includes deliverables, and milestones. That works out to about $23 per hour of service. After the initial period, we have specific area project managers herding the cats and driving schedules.

Engineering work, such as Software, Firmware, Applications,  Mechanical/Industrial design is a separate charge that usually runs between $150-$250 Per Man hour. Engineering work is quoted up front in terms of man-hours needed and time to specified task completion. This is delivered as a firm quote and must be pre-approved by you before any actual work begins.

Investment Funding and Analysis

Do you need help with Funding? Our network includes many Angel Investors, Incubators, and Startup groups that are starving for ideas. We cannot guarantee acceptance of any given project, but we do get a good place in the queue for consideration with companies such as KickStarter, Startup Grind, 500 Startups, and LaunchBoom.

On the flip side we also help investors to evaluate projects to determine market opportunity fit (MRD vetting), technical feasibility, manufacturability, cost versus margins (PRD vetting). Overall project development cost estimates and and ongoing operating costs and cash burn rates over time.


How do we scale this business?


We don’t. We are not looking for an IPO or to position ourselves for a buyout. We are a group of colleagues and friends who have worked and played together for a long time, and in some cases decades. 

We typically accept and directly manage between 8-10 projects concurrently. We do refer out some work that does not fit our core strengths but only if its a good match between  the customer (you) the product and the manufacturer and design team.

We love to meet new people and see new and interesting projects. We strive to build new friendships while making cool and interesting things happen. We hope to meet you very soon.